First Class Signing Service (FCSS) is a leading provider of mobile notary and remote online notary services in Arizona and across the United States. Our network of skilled and knowledgeable licensed notaries public can notarize your documents on your schedule with no need to leave your home or place of business. Depending on your particular preferences, you can employ mobile notaries, remote online notaries, or both to meet any number of specific needs with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

What Is a Mobile Notary, and Why Might You Need One?

In the old days, you had to travel to the office of a notary public if you had a document that required notarization. Unless you worked for a large company, institution, or firm with a notary on staff, this presented big problems when it came to conducting business with official documents or filing required legal paperwork.

Thanks to the advent of the mobile notary, organizations and individuals can now notarize documents for clients wherever they happen to work or live. These officials are fully equipped and qualified to travel wherever needed within their states of jurisdiction to perform document notarization on site.

What Is a Remote Online Notary, and Why Might You Need One?

Also known by its acronym “RON,” remote online notarization takes the expediency and convenience of remote notarization a step further by taking full advantage of modern technology. Eliminating the need to meet with a notary in the same room, RON uses distance communication, digital signatures and other elements of the trade to allow clients to legally notarize documents over great geographic distances.

Other than their differing modes of conduct, both mobile notaries and remote online notaries hold the same licenses and credentials as any other notary working in the same state. You can turn to these professionals to verify and authenticate nearly any relevant legal document or business agreement. It is important to note, however, that notaries public are NOT attorneys and are NOT qualified to dispense legal advice.

FCSS Partners in Arizona

Every Arizona professional in FCSS’s network of mobile and remote online notaries has met all relevant legal standards to operate within the state. Among other requirements, they have passed a comprehensive written examination under the auspices of the Arizona Secretary of State. They are also required to purchase and maintain a four-year notary surety bond of $5,000. Operating out of a central hub in Phoenix, FCSS provides both RON and mobile notarization in many regions of Arizona.

FAQs About FCSS’ Mobile and Remote Online Notary Services in Arizona

Q: How high are the fees associated with FCSS’ mobile and remote online notary services?
A: Fees for notary services (mobile, remote online, or otherwise) are closely regulated at the state level to ensure that citizens are not charged exorbitant fees.

Q: What organizations are using mobile and remote online notary services in Arizona?
A: In Arizona and elsewhere, common clients include law firms, financial institutions, and real estate agencies. However, many organizations of all kinds can benefit from mobile or remote online notary services.

Q: What do I need to provide for a mobile or remote online notary?
A: Review all documents and have them ready for notarization. You should also be sure to have a driver’s license, passport or another form of identification deemed valid by the state.

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