Mobile and Remote Notarization for Law Firms

We help Law Firms to streamline their entire signing processes to enable them to focus on their core business by offering both mobile and remote online notarization solutions. Our mobile notaries are available to go to your office, your client’s location, or conduct notarization remotely. Utilizing our remote online notary solution saves you considerable time and hassle and provides a level of security and cost savings unmatched by traditional notarization services.

Benefits and Solutions

  • Increase clients’ convenience and satisfaction
  • Our mobile notaries can come to your or your client’s location or conduct notarization virtually.
  • Access from anywhere your clients are located
  • Eliminate hardcopy printing and filing costs
  • Ensure superior client privacy and security

See What Our Customers Say

First Class Notary service was quick, easy, convenient & reliable. I would recommend for anyone needing their service.

Linda S.

Use Cases for Law and Legal Service Firms

Court Documents

Use eNotaryDox to virtually notarize affidavits other types of evidence the court won’t accept without a notary’s blessing. eNotaryDoX not only uses standards-based digital signatures that protect the document from tampering, it also offers TotalAudit™, a highly detailed record of the signature and notary process itself.

Important Documents

Sign and notarize documents for your customers such as divorce documents, affidavits, powers of attorney, and estate planning documents. Our digital signature technology embeds the legal evidence into every single signature that takes place in our platform.

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