If you are looking for mobile notary or remote online notary services in California, First Class Signing Service (FCSS) offers an extensive network of experienced and licensed notaries public ready to meet your needs immediately. If you aren’t familiar with the advantages that mobile or remote online notarization provides, you owe it to yourself to learn a bit more about this valuable professional asset.

What Is a Mobile Notary?

Like any other notary public, mobile notaries hold commission and licensure through the governments of the states in which they work. Mobile notaries differ from standard notaries in one important way: They travel to a client’s place of business or another convenient location to perform notarization on site.

What Is a Remote Online Notary?

While business have been benefiting from the convenience of mobile notaries for quite some time, the digital age has made the notarization process even easier. Remote online notarization (RON) uses the internet to eliminate the need to meet with a notary in person. Organizations ranging from financial institutions to law firms have found that RON has led to tremendous improvements in operational efficiency and dramatically increased the speed at which they conduct business.

When You Might Need a Mobile or Remote Online Notary

While notaries public are certainly needed to verify and authenticate legal documents, these professionals are NOT attorneys. Therefore, you should never turn to a notary (mobile, remote online, or otherwise) for legal advice. However, the mobile and remote online notaries of FCSS can notarize a broad variety of documents including those commonly associated with family law, estate planning, real estate transactions, business agreements and civil litigation.

Benefits of Using a Mobile or Remote Online Notary

It is obviously quite convenient to have a notary come directly to you, either virtually or in person. For organizations that require notary services on a regular basis, this can also significantly streamline business operations and save large amounts of time. Contracting with mobile or remote online notaries can also prove extremely cost effective. After all, mobile and remote online notarization not only increase the speed of business and boost staff productivity, but they eliminate the need for travel and the monetary expenses that go along with it. Furthermore, some industries and sectors encounter common problems that mobile or remote online notaries can solve. For example, bedridden senior citizens often lack the mobility to safely travel to an office to notarize important powers of attorney or estate planning documents.

FAQs About FCSS and Its Partners in California

Q: What mobile and remote online notaries does FCSS employ in California?
A: FCSS has a vast network of mobile and remote online notaries in California, all of whom have passed the legal requirements to operate within the state. Among other things, this means that they have cleared a comprehensive background check and passed both a course of study and a written examination as prescribed by the Secretary of State. They are also required to purchase and maintain a $15,000 notary surety bond.

Q: Where can I get FCSS services in California?
A: FCSS extends both its RON and its mobile notarization services throughout the state of California,
operating out of primary hubs in Livermore, Los Angeles, Irvine, Mountain View, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Ana, Fremont, Anaheim, San Diego, Glendale, Roseville, Santa Clara, Fresno, Modesto, Pleasanton, Long Beach, Tyler, Burbank, Gustine, Hayward, Rancho Cucamonga, Palm Desert, San Ramon, Santa Rosa and Stockton.

Tired of Chasing Notaries? Unleash the Convenience!

Need a notary but don’t want to travel? Contact First Class Signing Service today for more information about what a mobile or remote online notary can do for you.