You need document preparation and authentication services — but you have a few lingering concerns. Fortunately, some of the most frequently asked questions about document preparation and notary services have relatively simple answers.

See the FAQ section below for the information you need to make better-informed decisions and optimize your document preparation experience.

Q: What legal documents are essential?

A: Different people with different occupations, investment activities, and life circumstances may require very different legal documents. For example, a successful, single real estate developer heading a large company will have substantially different legal needs than a recently separated couple struggling to solidify child custody and support agreements. However, there are three legal documents every adult should have:

  1. Will and/or a living trust — Responsibly allocates your assets after your death.
  2. Power of attorney — Allows you to name a trusted agent to make financial and/or legal decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself.
  3. Healthcare directive — Allows you to name a trusted agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if are unable to do so yourself.

Q: Who needs notaries to prep/sign legal documents for them?

A: While some notarized legal documents are universally useful, others have specific purposes in fields such as real estate and finance. First Class Signing Service notaries sign and perform doc prep services for a diverse array of individuals and businesses nationwide.

Q: What is the difference between in-person and online notarization?

A: Mobile notaries travel to perform in-person notarizations, while remote notaries connect with customers using a secure two-way audio/video call. Not all U.S. states allow remote notarization for the authorization of documents.

Q: Do I need a lawyer to prepare my documents?

A: Not all legal documents require an attorney’s touch. In fact, you can often save money and time by contracting with a qualified legal document preparer.

Q: How long does it take to get my documents?

A: The estimated turnaround time to get a draft of your requested documents from our legal document preparers is between 12 and 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the request.

Q: What industries do you cover?

A: The notaries and document preparation professionals at First Class Signing Services concentrate on clients in the legal, financial, and real estate sectors.

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