Curious about mobile notary or remote online notary services in Florida? Let First Class Signing Service (FCSS) walk you through the basics of these extraordinary time-saving and often cost-saving forms of document notarization. First Class Signing’s statewide network of experienced and licensed notaries public can do everything that a traditional notary can do while making the process far more convenient and efficient for you. Read on to learn more about mobile and remote online notarization as well as what both of these services can do for you and your business.

What Is a Mobile Notary?

All notaries must hold current and valid commission and licensure at the state level. So both mobile and remote online notaries must adhere to relevant procedural guidelines and ethical standards as stipulated by the governments of the states in which they operate. In fact, mobile notaries differ from traditional notaries in one primary way: rather than requiring clients to come to them, they travel as needed to perform on-site notarizations at places of business and other convenient locations.

What Is a Remote Online Notary?

Remote online notarization (RON) takes the convenience of mobile notarization a step further by eliminating the need for a face-to-face meeting. RON takes advantage of the instantaneous and distance-spanning nature of internet technology to make the notarization process easier than ever. By utilizing tools such as video conferencing and digital signatures, RON can facilitate legally binding agreements between two signees in different locations using a professional notary in a third location. This makes it possible to do business around the world using official documents with no need to travel or wait.

Why You Might Choose to Employ a Mobile or Remote Online Notary

While it is important to note that notaries public are not attorneys, they do play a critical role in the validation of legal documents. Therefore, you may need to secure the services of a notary for any number of reasons. From buying and selling real estate to dealing with estate planning and family law matters, there are countless ways that you can benefit from choosing a mobile or remote online notary service. As just one example, think about the advantages that these services would offer infirm people who cannot leave the hospital.

FCSS Partners in Florida

Working with a vast network of notary partners, FCSS extends both RON and mobile notarization services throughout the state of Florida. It maintains major operational hubs in Miami, Orlando, Englewood, St. Petersburg, Hialeah Gardens, Lakeland, Spring Hill, Tampa, and the San Jose neighborhood of Jacksonville.

FAQs About Mobile and Remote Online Notary Services

Q: What organizations use mobile and/or online notary services in Florida?
A: From law firms and financial institutions to real estate agencies and government offices, a broad spectrum of organizations can benefit from the ease and convenience of RON and mobile notarization.

Q: Do mobile and remote online notary services cost more than traditional notary services?
A: Of course, some of the costs associated with facilitating notarization on site must be passed on to the consumer. However, many organizations save money with these services due to the lack of travel expenses and operational efficiencies that go hand in hand with these notarization approaches.

Secure Mobile Notary or Remote Online Notary Services Today

Are you looking for notary services that will come to you? You owe it to yourself to check out the RON and mobile notarization options at FCSS. Contact us  today for more information about what a mobile or remote online notary can do for you.