Because you understand the importance of the legal verification and security that notarization provides, you have taken the necessary time and expense to obtain an officially notarized document through a notary and/or document preparer. While your due diligence should put your mind at ease, you may be left wondering, “How long are notarized documents valid?”

Read on to learn about notarization expiration dates and the general legal validity of notarized documents over time.

Do Notarizations on Documents Expire?

While notaries must renew both their commission and stamp on a regular basis according to state requirements, the notarizations that they place on documents do NOT expire. Valid indefinitely, a notary’s seal and signature on a document will authenticate that document and its contents for the full life of that document. The certification status of the specific notary responsible for that document is irrelevant.

Do Notarized Documents Expire?

It is important to note that notarization is only one among many elements that ensure the full authenticity and validity of a document. For example, any document with information that is inaccurate and out of date should be corrected accordingly. And if you must update or otherwise change a notarized document, legal experts generally urge you to have that document re-notarized. Re-notarization makes sure that all parties involved can rely upon the legitimacy and soundness of the document and all of its contents. Afterward, the document, it its new and corrected form, will be universally recognized as legally binding.

Beyond documents that are inaccurate and out of date, some documents become invalid after the passage of a specific period of time. In fact, government regulations commonly demand that some types of documents contain provisions that stipulate an expiration date or require periodic renewals. While the notarization marks on these documents are valid indefinitely, the documents themselves may not be.

Different Types of Notarized Documents and Their Expiration

As previously discussed, some documents have expiration or renewal clauses that demand action on a periodic basis. While the vast majority of notarized documents are valid in perpetuity, some might require renewal and re-notarization before a specified date. Other documents commonly require updates and alterations. Important documents to check include powers of attorney, wills and real estate documents.

Do My Documents Need To Be Re-notarized?

Notarized documents will remain valid indefinitely unless there are specific laws or regulations that stipulate an expiration date and require them to be renewed. In these cases, re-notarization is advisable if not legally required. Any document that needs to be updated or otherwise changed should also be re-notarized to ensure that all parties involved are fully confident in its validity, authenticity and legitimacy. To make sure that all your documents are legally binding and up to date, you must understand all the federal, state and local regulations that apply to it.

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