A leading provider of mobile notary and remote online notary services in Illinois and throughout the United States, First Class Signing Service (FCSS) is an industry leader in the fields of document preparation and notarization. Our network of knowledgeable licensed notaries public are standing by to notarize your documents on your schedule at your home or place of business. All types of organizations in all types of industries and sectors have reaped countless benefits from securing mobile and/or remote online notary services.

About Mobile Notarization

Like the traditional notary public, the mobile notary must hold current commission and licensure at the state government level in order to authenticate documents within that state. This means they must adhere to the state’s demands and standards.

In other words, mobile (and, for that matter, remote online) notarization is just as valid and secure as any other form of notarization. In fact, the only difference between a traditional notary and a mobile notary lies in the physical location of the notary services provided. While the traditional notary works out of an office, mobile notaries travel to their clients to perform services on site.

About Remote Online Notarization

While mobile notarization predates the digital revolution by many years, remote online notarization (RON) would be impossible without internet/mobile network connectivity and other modern technological marvels. With RON, neither the notary nor any party involved needs to be in the same place at the same time to sign a legally binding document. By taking advantage of tools such as digital signatures and video conferencing, this high-tech form of notarization can support legally binding agreements between signees on opposite sides of the world.

The Advantages of RON and Mobile Notarization

Compared to the traditional notarization processes of yesterday, the ease and convenience of RON and mobile notarization are obvious benefits to individuals and organizations of all kinds. Because they allow people to sign documents wherever they happen to be, these advanced forms of notarization have changed the face of business in many different sectors. For example, financial service providers who conduct estate planning can now easily help severely ailing clients sign wills and other important end-of-life documents on their deathbeds.

FAQs About FCSS Mobile and Remote Online Notary Services in Illinois

Q: Who is using FCSS mobile and/or online notary services in Illinois?
A: From private companies to nonprofit organizations to government entities, mobile and remote online notaries serve a broad range of clients in Illinois. While real estate agencies rely on RON and mobile notarization to transfer property deeds, law offices rely on them to authenticate and verify everything from debt transfer and reconveyance to divorce, annulment, child custody, and child support agreements.

Q: Who are FCSS’ notary public partners in Illinois?
A: From our major state hubs in Chicago and Springfield, FCSS employs an expansive network of notaries public throughout Illinois. Like all notaries in the state, our notaries must meet all the qualifications and requirements of the Illinois Notary Commission. Among other things, this means that our notaries have passed a criminal and professional background check as well as a comprehensive training course and exam. They must also hold a surety bond of either $5,000 or $30,000.

Secure Mobile or Remote Online Notary Services Today

If you want notary services that will come to the Illinois location of your choice, look no further than the RON and mobile notarization options at FCSS. To learn more about our 24/7 notarization operations or to order mobile or online notary services at your convenience, contact an FCSS representative today.