If you want to take the hassle out of getting notary services, consider a mobile notary. Read on for answers to some of the questions that people tend to pose when considering mobile notary services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile Notaries

What is a mobile notary?

Answer: Mobile notaries perform notarizations on-site at the location of the customer’s choice. Mobile notary services are available in all 50 U.S. states.

How much does a mobile notary cost?

Answer: The cost of mobile notary services depends on factors that range from the type and number of documents ordered to the total mileage traveled to the customer’s location. Some states allow mobile notaries to charge extra travel fees, but all states place a cap on the total amount of money that can be charged.

What are the benefits of using a mobile notary service?

Answer: In its article “The Importance of a Notary Extends Beyond the Stamp,” First Class Signing Service lists mobile notarization’s full suite of document services, its airtight validation, and its proof against fraud as just three of its most compelling benefits.

Can I use a mobile notary for my business needs?

Answer: A good mobile notary service can be an indispensable element of daily operations for businesses of all types.

Can I find a mobile notary online?

Answer: Internet searches for mobile notaries online rank among the best ways to find the right mobile notary services for you. Beyond Google, there are countless online databases and service provider directories that feature mobile notaries.

How does hiring a mobile notary work?

Answer: Customers in every state can get documents notarized on-site, online through businesses such as First Class Signing Service. You can contact First Class by email, telephone, or website messaging to secure services today.

Can I trust a mobile notary?

Answer: Like a traditional notary signing agent, a mobile notary must have a standard notary commission. Therefore, they are held to the same high professional guidelines and ethical standards.

Is using a mobile notary secure?

Answer: People may assume differently, but the mobile notarization process is generally just as secure and accurate as other forms of notarization. Mobile notarization is supported by state law throughout America.

How fast can I get documents signed by a mobile notary?

Answer: Like cost, service times may vary significantly from mobile notary to mobile notary. But mobile notaries generally work extremely quickly. This is particularly true for mobile notaries that operate after hours, over the weekend, and/or on holidays.

Can I save money by using a mobile notary?
Answer: Countless businesses have successfully cut their expenses through mobile notarization. Reduced travel costs and increased staff productivity are just two among many of its key price-point benefits.

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