Operating in New York and throughout the United States, First Class Signing Services (FCSS) is one of the most trusted names in mobile notary and remote online notary services. We support a network of knowledgeable and licensed notaries public who can notarize your documents at your convenience in your home or workplace. From government offices to real estate agencies, firms and companies of all kinds have boosted efficiency with mobile and/or remote online notarization.

What Is Mobile Notary?

Notaries provide a valuable service by verifying the identity of individuals before they sign an important document and witnessing the signatures of these individuals. With the stamp of a commissioned notary, the signed document is generally deemed legally valid. It is important to understand that notaries public are not lawyers. However, they play a critical, albeit highly specific, role in the legal community by authenticating documents.

Throughout the long history of document notarization, individuals have had to travel to a public notary office to secure necessary services. The mobile notary, however, travels directly to you and provides services on-site when needed. This is the only notable difference between mobile notarization and traditional notarization.

What Is a Remote Online Notary?

Taking the convenience of remote notarization a giant step further, remote online notarization (RON) uses modern technological tools such as video conferencing and digital signatures to facilitate document authorization entirely online. This means that all signees, as well as the notary involved, can be in different physical locations and still produce a legally binding document. Whether they are notarized remotely or in-person, documents are afforded the same amount of protection under the law.

The Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary

Mobile notaries can travel to the location of your choosing at the time of your choosing to notarize a wide array of documents including those associated with personal and family law, estate planning, civil litigation, real estate ownership, business contracts and articles of incorporation.

The Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notaries can notarize the same documents as mobile notaries using digital technology, which makes the entire notarization process far quicker and easier. RON occurs in real time on the internet and requires no physical travel whatsoever.

FAQs About FCSS RON and Mobile Notarization in New York

Q: Where can I get FCSS mobile and remote online notary services in New York?
A: Beyond our concentrated network of mobile and remote online notaries in New York City, FCSS can extend services to other regions across the state as needed.

Q: Do FCSS mobile and remote online notary services in New York cost more than traditional notary services?
A: While a portion of the costs of on-site notarization must be passed on to the consumer, many organizations still save considerable amounts of money by contracting these services. After all, RON and mobile notarization can substantially boost productivity and eliminate travel expenses. Furthermore, mobile and remote online notary fees are closely regulated by the New York state government.

Q: How can I prepare for the visit of a New York mobile or remote online notary?
A: Prior to your appointment, make sure that you have examined all documents to be notarized to make sure that they meet your needs. You must also be able to confirm your identity with your driver’s license or another form of government-issued ID that includes a recent photograph and physical description as well as a signature.

From NYC to Anywhere Nationwide, First Class Signing Brings These Perks to You

If you are curious about the advantages of RON or mobile notarization, contact FCSS today. We are eager to meet your notarization needs with the right services for you.

We can also assist you with legal document preparations such as those for child custody, child support, paternity, restraining orders, prenuptial agreements, quitclaim deeds, power of attorneys and healthcare directives. We can also help businesses with articles of incorporation, commercial leases, employment contracts and memorandum of understanding.

Let us guide you through a seamless journey from claims to business agreements.