Like all other notaries, mobile notaries and remote online notaries prevent fraud and forgery by verifying the identity of individuals signing documents and witnessing their signatures. The mobile and remote online notaries of First Class Signing Service (FCSS) provide best-in-class services in Ohio and across the United States. We can meet your particular preferences and needs by dispensing mobile notaries, remote online notaries, or both with an eye on optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Notary on the Go? Mobile Notaries to the Rescue!

Mobile and remote online notaries can notarize a broad range of documents including those commonly associated with personal and family law, civil litigation, estate planning, property exchanges, and business agreements. In fact, they can notarize any document the same as any other notary. But while standard notaries require clients to come to them, mobile notaries provide services on site at the location of the client’s choosing. Since the birth of the mobile notary, organizations and individuals can notarize documents for themselves and their clients wherever they happen to work or live. Mobile notaries travel as needed within their states of jurisdiction.

Remote Online Notaries and Why You Might Need One

Otherwise known by its acronym “RON,” remote online notarization takes advantage of digital technology to make the notarization process easier than ever. RON uses secure channels of the internet to eliminate the need to meet with a notary in person. Connecting all necessary parties in real time in a single virtual space, the remote online notary can bridge tremendous geographical distances to conduct business and attend to important personal matters. Both RON and mobile notarization are particularly useful when individuals are simply not fit or able to travel in order to sign important documents. While notaries are important when it comes to legally validating documents, it is important to note that they are not attorneys or sources of qualified legal advice.

FCSS Partners in Ohio

With concentrated hubs in Cleveland, Dublin and Columbus, FCSS extends mobile and remote online notarization services throughout Ohio. Because our Ohio-based notaries must adhere to the regulatory guidelines of the Ohio Secretary of State Office, they have all passed a criminal record check, completed a required class, passed a final exam, and submitted a qualified application.

FAQs About Mobile and Remote Online Notary Services

Q: What organizations are using RON and mobile notarization?
A: While all kinds of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies can benefit from mobile and/or online notary services, they have proven particularly valuable to law firms, financial institutions and real estate agencies.

Q: Are there drawbacks to mobile and/or online notary services?
A: Mobile and online notaries must be licensed and commissioned through the state just like any other notary public. Although their techniques may vary, they also perform the same essential service as the traditional notary public. Over time, both RON and mobile notarization has proven just as valid and secure as standard notarization.

Q: Do mobile and remote online notary services cost more than traditional notary services?
A: Some of the additional costs associated with RON and mobile notarization must be passed on to clients. But both RON and mobile notarization boost operational efficiency and productive output. This fact, coupled with the elimination of notarization-related travel costs, can make RON and mobile notarization extremely attractive from a financial standpoint.

Get Documents Notarized on Your Schedule

If you live in Ohio or do business in Ohio and you want notary services that will come to you, check out the RON and mobile notarization options of FCSS. Contact us for more information or to secure mobile and/or online notary services today.