A leading provider of mobile notary and remote online notary services across the United States, First Class Signing Services (FCSS) supports extensive operations throughout Texas. Spanning the state, our experienced and licensed notaries public are fully trained and authorized to do everything that a traditional notary can do. However, they make the entire notarization process far more efficient and effective by meeting you where you live and work.

Comparing Mobile and Remote Online Notaries

Because one provides services in-person and the other works in the digital space, mobile and remote online notaries both come with their own unique sets of benefits. Depending on your specific wants and needs, you can employ either or both to make life and work quite a bit easier for all kinds of people.

Why Hire a Mobile Notary?

The mobile notary allows organizations and individuals to notarize documents on site wherever they happen to be. From law offices to hospital rooms, many different locations are ideal for mobile notarization. Mobile notaries can travel to anyplace within their state of jurisdiction to verify and authenticate documents on demand. This allows individuals and organizations to overcome challenges, streamline operations, and potentially save both money and time.

Why Hire a Remote Online Notary?

Remote online notarization (RON) takes the ease and convenience of remote notarization to the next level using digital technology. Employing distance communication such as videoconferencing as well as technology such as digital signatures and stamps, RON allows people to legally verify and authenticate documents entirely online. Gone are the days when people needed to meet with one another in the same room to complete notarization processes and procedures. Today, RON allows people on opposite sides of the globe to come together with a licensed notary online.

The Professional Abilities and Limitations of Mobile and Remote Online Notaries

Mobile and remote online notaries must hold the same licenses and credentials as other notaries in the state. They can also perform the same essential duties as any other notary. But it is important to note what, exactly, notaries can and cannot do. While they commonly work with legal documents and both authenticate and verify a wide range of documents as legally binding, notaries public are not attorneys and cannot be relied upon for legal advice.

FAQs About FCSS’ Mobile and Remote Online Notary Services in Texas

Q: Where can I get FCSS mobile and remote online notary services in Texas?

A: Operating out of central hubs in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Palm River-Clair Mel, Amarillo, Frisco, Fulshear, Waco, Castro Valley, and Covina, FCSS provides both RON and mobile notarization throughout Texas. We serve Texas clients in sectors that range from law to real estate to financial services.

Q: What requirements do FCSS notaries need to meet?

A: Under the guidelines of the State of Texas, mobile and remote online notaries may perform both paper and electronic document verification using means that may include the “use of audio-video conference technology that complies with the requirements of Texas statutes and administrative rules.” They are also required to meet the standard state $10,000, 4-year term bond requirement and keep an up-to-date record of notarization transactions either on paper or digitally.

Find a Mobile Notary Anytime, Anywhere in Texas With First Class Signing

If you are interested in mobile and remote online notary services in Texas, the notarization experts at First Class Signing Services are ready to help. Contact us today to learn exactly what a mobile or remote online notary can do for you. We will be happy to assess your specific situation and answer any questions that you might have.