For businesses to stay competitive in today’s challenging consumer marketplace, they must leverage the power of digital processes while maintaining a strong presence online.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of technological solutions to help them do just that. From video conferencing to consumer service chat bots to influencer-based marketing, small businesses are increasingly employing high-tech resources that were previously used only by large corporations.

More local business owners have come to rely on computer-driven processes that make doing everyday business smoother and faster. As technological innovations continue, the small businesses of 2023 are poised to embrace new digital trends in the following areas:

  1. Continuing expansion of AI capabilities and use
    A trending topic in the business community for years, artificial intelligence (AI) defines computer hardware and software that is capable of mimicking human thinking and activity. In many cases, AI incorporates machine learning, which gives it the capacity to correct previous mistakes, solve new problems, and improve customer experience in real time without direct human interaction. Small businesses are particularly embracing AI in the critical area of online customer service.
  2. Hyper-connectivity through intelligent devices
    Business tech experts consider broad network connectivity via various digital platforms as the single most important technological trend of 2023. It is essential because it quite literally ties the other trends on this list together. As more of us go entirely virtual and enter the metaverse, the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing the digital world into our communities and homes through an interconnected chain of smart devices that are in constant communication with one another. Businesses of all sizes must take advantage of this hyper-connectivity to make business processes more efficient.
  3. Comprehensive mobile consumer experiences
    In the early days of mobile technology, all a business needed to do to be “mobile ready” was to ensure that its website was optimized for cell phone and tablet viewing. Today, customers expect and accept that businesses connect with them via text message and email marketing to promote specials, confirm appointments or advertise a new product.In fact, a majority of customers prefer a complete mobile experience that allows them to make purchases, conduct business transactions, and even sign binding agreements from virtually anywhere. A particularly notable convenience for small businesses in 2023, mobile notary services are transforming the burgeoning world of online document preparation and authentication.

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