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A notarization leader in Washington and across the United States, First Class Signing Services (FCSS) has a network of skilled and knowledgeable notaries public with specific expertise in mobile and remote online notarization services. If you’re not familiar with the services or unsure about the advantages they offer, please continue reading. Mobile and/or remote online notarization services can bring substantial benefits to you and your organization for various reasons.

Mobile Notary: Convenient Signing Solutions for Busy People

Like standard notaries public, the mobile notaries public must hold valid licensure as determined by the governments of their states of operation. This gives them the authority to perform all the same services and handle all the same documents as any other kind of notary. In fact, mobile notaries differ from traditional notaries in just one way: rather than making clients come to them, they travel to homes, businesses, and other locations as needed to offer notarization services on site.

Skip the Hassle: Remote Online Notary Offers Flexibility & Security for Your Important Deals

In many ways, remote online notarization (RON) surpasses mobile notarization in terms of both convenience and ease by allowing all signees and the presiding notary to complete all notarization processes from different physical locations. By leveraging the power of online tools such as video conferencing and digital signatures, this high-tech method of notarization can produce authorized documents and secure legally binding agreements between parties across the globe.

The Benefits of Mobile and Remote Online Notarization

The convenience and ease of avoiding a trip to a notary public office is a clear benefit of both RON and mobile notarization. However, these modern notarization approaches can be an absolute necessity in some cases. Take, for example, an ailing, elderly relative. If this individual needs to sign a last will and testament, a power of attorney, and/or various estate planning documents, a mobile and a remote online notary can validate these documents bedside. Furthermore, organizations routinely require notarization or facilitate transactions among parties who are separated by vast geographic distances.

FCSS RON and Mobile Notary Services in Washington

First Class Signing Services supports a large network of Washington mobile and remote online notaries with hubs in Seattle, Cheney, Moses Lake, Colville and Georgetown. All FCSS notaries meet all state requirements to operate in Washington, including the possession of a $10,000, 4-year term surety bond.

FAQs About Mobile and Remote Online Notary

Q: Do mobile and remote online notary services cost more than traditional notary services?

A: While some of the costs associated with RON or remote notarization must be passed on to the customer, on-site notarization often pays for itself and even saves organizations money. From improvements in operational efficiency to reductions in travel expenses, hiring a mobile or remote online notary can prove cost-effective in many ways.

Q: What organizations use mobile and remote online notary services?

A: From real estate agencies to financial institutions to government agencies, a wide variety of organizations can benefit from RON and mobile notarization. On-site notarization can also make a big difference for law firms, which routinely need to verify and authenticate legal documents.

24/7 Convenience: Unleash the Power of Mobile & Remote Notary With First Class Signing

If you are interested in notary services that come directly to you, take a close look at the RON and mobile notarization services of First Class Signing Services. Our extensive network of notaries public in Washington offers a range of services at your convenience, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. To learn more about what a mobile or remote online notary can do for you, contact a FCSS representative today.