To prove that your vehicle belongs to you, you must ensure that you have a valid title for that vehicle. When you buy or sell a vehicle, a transfer of the title is essential. As more car, truck and motorcycle sales take place entirely online, virtual signing and other online legal document services are becoming essential components of daily business transactions.

Notarizing Your Vehicle Online Is Easy and Secure

While it isn’t necessary to get your vehicle title notarized simply to drive that vehicle on public streets and highways, notarization is required if you want your ownership of that vehicle to be legally recognized by a court of law. Because specific regulations governing vehicle titles may vary significantly from state to state, you should look into your specific state regulations before deciding whether to notarize your title.

For far too long, getting a vehicle title or any other document notarized required all involved parties to be in the same room at the same time. This often meant a fair amount of travel, coordination and waiting time. Through virtual notarization, however, you can complete the entire notarization process remotely for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Although people may assume differently, the online notarization process is also extremely secure and highly accurate. For these reasons, online notarization is now legal in 40 of the 50 U.S. states.

Virtual Signing Services Boost the Convenience of Online Vehicle Sales

As business operations continue to move into the virtual arena, online transaction support services are becoming increasingly necessary to fully meet consumer needs and expectations. For this reason, online legal document services have become the norm for many in the automotive industry and are also helpful for individuals who simply need a valid copy of their title to sell a vehicle.

In addition to being extremely easy and completely safe, virtual signing promotes superior paperwork processing in a variety of ways. A leading provider of online legal documents services, First Class Signing Service recently presented Three Reasons Virtual Partnerships Benefit Title Companies.  Specifically, it stressed the reliable nature of virtual signing that exceeds best industry practices. It also praised the instant connectivity and round-the-clock accessibility of online legal document processing. First Class Signing Service uses a cloud-based RON (Remote Online Notarization) system that allows clients to log on from any connected computer or mobile device, and its virtual signing platform offers real-time access to documents, signatures and records 24 hours a day, all year long.

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