Working with a traveling notary or signing agent can take the hassle out of the notarization process. From better business operations to a boosted bottom line, read on to discover the various ways that your company can benefit from the on-site document services of a good mobile signing service agency like First Class.

 What Is a Traveling Notary?

Otherwise known as mobile notaries, traveling notaries have a state-sanctioned notary commission and license just like any other working notary. But traveling notaries earn their name by traveling to a client’s place of business or another desired location to perform on-site notarization services at the client’s convenience.

To fully understand what a traveling notary does, it is important to explain how this position differs from the traveling signing agent. While a state-commissioned notary can authenticate a wide range of documents and witness their signing, a signing agent must hold credentials beyond a notary commission to notarize important loan documents. These credentials might include a closing agent license, a title insurance license, and/or other state-specific licenses.

Like all notaries and signing agents, traveling notaries and signing agents must pass rigorous background checks. While traveling notaries are legal and easy to secure throughout America, many individual states prohibit traveling signing agents from operating within their borders.

Common Documents That Require Notarization

Notarization is a common part of doing business in many industries and markets. Here are just a few of the documents that must be notarized in order to prove that they are legally authentic and valid.

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Vendor contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment contracts
  • Deeds
  • Sworn statements
  • Affidavits
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Trusts

The Value of Using a Traveling Notary

While choosing a traveling notary or signing agent over a traditional notary or signing agent comes with extra costs, many businesses find that the various benefits of going mobile ultimately pay financial dividends. For example, when a traveling notary saves an employee from making a trip outside the office, the employer doesn’t have to pay the employee’s travel expenses. It also frees that employee to concentrate on more lucrative company tasks.

To further enhance price-point advantages, top agencies that dispense traveling notary or signing agents can tailor document services to meet unique client requirements for that company and industry. For example, the document services professionals at First Class will dispense notaries to law firms with particular expertise handling documents such as sworn statements and affidavits. Businesses operating in the financial and real estate sectors would require other areas of professional focus.

First Class Signing Service’s National Network of Traveling Notaries

Whether you are looking for mobile notary or signing agent services, First Class can send the right document-processing professional to your door at your convenience for all of your signing orders. We are ready to serve clients in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Irvine, Hawthorne, Livermore, San Jose, Chicago, Jacksonville, Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta and Ashburn.

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