Title companies face countless problems that a reliable mobile or remote notary can solve, from meeting relevant regulatory guidelines to reducing waiting periods for real estate transactions.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Notary for Your Title Company

Without title companies, today’s skyrocketing real estate market would come to a crashing halt. Playing an integral role in the transfer of property ownership, a good title company can do wonders when it comes to closing deals quickly and with a minimum of hassle. As title companies struggle to meet the ever-rising demand of U.S. homebuyers, they are striving for new ways to expand their services and facilitate more property transactions without sacrificing quality.

These efforts have led more title companies to take a critical look at their notary operations. Of course, any organization or individual in need of notarization will want to secure professional, reasonably priced services and receive documents fully authenticated according to relevant regulations. But the incredibly fast-paced and highly competitive modern real estate market also demands a close examination of the overall efficiency and timeliness of your title company’s notary services.

The Advantages of Mobile Notary and Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Any title company that wants to serve a larger client base or outpace its closest competitors will want to aim higher than basic legal compliance with its notarization services. Beyond ensuring accurate documentation like any other licensed notary, mobile notary and remote online notaries can greatly enhance a title company’s operational efficiency and daily productivity. After all, the ability to immediately secure an on-site notary on your schedule can be a true godsend in the title-filing business.

Other advantages of hiring notary signing agents include enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition to the inherent value of fast-tracking the document-filing process, these expedited forms of notarization make it easier for clients to legally verify important legal documents. Even a bedridden individual can easily meet legal requirements by signing with a traveling notary as a witness.

The easiest and most straightforward way to confirm the identity of all parties with legal interests in a particular document is to meet with all signees face-to-face. To conveniently accomplish this, a mobile notary will come directly to you wherever you happen to be. Remote online notaries take this idea a step further by gathering all signees together in the digital realm. This allows all interested parties to secure official and airtight document authentication and validation with no need to move from their separate physical locations.

Let First Class Signing Service Streamline Your Title Company Documentation Operations

Title companies can benefit tremendously from streamlining their notarization operations, given their substantial need for regular document authentication services. Whether you need a mobile or remote online notary service providers in Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, or anywhere nationwide, First Class Signing has a fleet of over 50,000 qualified signing agents available to travel 24/7 year-round.

To learn more about mobile notary and remote online notarization or e-recording for title companies  and other document services for real estate, financial services, and legal sector professionals, contact First Class Signing Service today.

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